Counting Mini Led Die Before Packaging

Ensure a high-throughput counting and labelling process

Overhead camera counting mini LED die on a circular wafer

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After the probing and sorting process, machines count LEDS prior to packaging to ensure traceability. Producing LEDs is a high-volume operation that requires automation to keep up with throughput requirements, so counting systems must be both fast and accurate.

Automated counting systems traditionally use pattern matching to locate and count the LEDs. However, pixel-based pattern matching systems cannot locate and count the LED die fast enough to keep up with the required speeds. Slower counting results in lower throughput, which means reduced production efficiency.

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Cognex VisionPro software offers a fast and accurate way to count mini LEDs before they are packaged. Operators can easily train the software to identify, locate, and count tiny LED die patterns. The counting tool finds features that are defined by a pattern of gray-scale pixel values. It quickly and accurately finds patterns regardless of changes to pixel intensity between images. It can locate hundreds of thousands of die during each run and locate die patterns as small as 4x4 pixels. The control system stores the results for both manufacturing history and barcode labels that are attached to the finished packages.

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