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Screw Assembly Height Measurement

Confirm screws are connected correctly using 3D inspection systems

Screw assembly height

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DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor

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When attaching different parts or components of electronic hardware together, often times manufacturers will rely on small screws to secure the varying pieces together. Inspectors must establish that there is a metal screw in each hole, that the screws are installed at the right height, that they are of the correct diameter, and that any other required hardware is present and oriented correctly.

The variety of possible errors is fairly large, but the parts are fairly inexpensive, and inspection requires a simple pass/fail result. The details and measurements vary from one production run to another, so the vision system must be flexible to account for the specific changes and requirements of each production run.

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Cognex DSMax 3D laser displacement sensors, in addition to other Cognex 3D vision systems, provides reliable, high-resolution 3D z-axis measurements of both sides of the assembly. The vision system determines with micron precision whether the height of the screw is outside the accepted range for determining whether or not it is properly connected.

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