Separate and sort materials based on size, color, and visual characteristics 

Sortation of bottle products by color

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In-Sight 7000

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Proper sorting is a critical step in the material handling, kitting, and assembly processes for consumer products. Parts may require sorting by size, condition, and form. Variables like object angle, size, and lighting can affect the way an object appears to the camera, camouflaging variations and challenging the smart camera’s identification capabilities. Small, similar-looking parts can cause picking and installation errors. Often, color is a key feature used to differentiate between parts. But manual sortation by color is time-consuming and unreliable. Machine vision offers a faster, more consistent, and cost-effective alternative to color sorting applications.

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In-Sight vision systems with color tools offer a range of new options to achieve quality and process control on high-speed lines. Cognex vision systems with color and shape recognition tools speed up and error-proof the sorting process, improving product quality while freeing inspectors from hand-sorting. Sorting machines equipped with advanced Cognex color technology may be used to determine the main and secondary colors of a part and to detect blemishes like dark spots. Components can be successfully identified with color and pattern matching tools and inspected for defects, including damaged parts and missing features, with accuracy and repeatability.

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