3D Sensor Standard and Advanced

The 3D Sensor Standard and Advanced class teaches the entry-level and advanced topics required to configure a 3D vision application with the DS1000 family of sensors using the Cognex Designer programming environment which includes a built in HMI user interface.

This class gives new and existing DS1000 users an overview of the hardware and software used by Cognex Designer to quickly and efficiently program the system for 3D vision inspections. With the focus on understanding 3D image acquisition basics as well as core 2D and 3D tools, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application using programming best practices of the Cognex Designer interface. Students will learn to use advanced techniques and practices to accomplish their vision application needs such as user access, data storage, and HMI design.  The Cognex Designer interface features integrated VisionPro programming, C# scripting, flow diagram component placement and integrated HMI creation so can students can focus on solving their vision solution needs quickly and effectively.

DS1000_auto ds1000_applications
  1. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows environment
  2. Working knowledge of C# programming language

C# programming help guide will be provided for certain class topics.

  1. Introduction and Image Acquisition  
  2. Sequences and Programming  
  3. HMI  
  4. 2D Vision Tools
  5. 3D Vision Tools
  6. Timers and Shift Registers  
  7. Input and Output  
  8. Deployment  
  9. User Access Control  
  10. Recipes  
  11. Alarms and Scripting Control  
  12. Databases  
  13. Implementing Cognex Functions  
  14. Plugins
  15. Final Project


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