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Cognex MX100 reading wine bottle labels

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Mobile Solutions

Combining fast, image-based barcode reading with your mobile device

MX-1000 Series

Allows you to leverage the latest mobile smart technology for your industrial barcode reading applications.

From scanning inventory to collecting track-and-trace events, data capture is essential for distribution. Mobile terminals offer greater functionality for many logistics supply chain applications. This is especially true during distribution in industrial environments that require 1D and 2D barcode reading and optical character recognition (OCR) on packages and pallets at standard-, long-, and extended-range. Cognex’s MX-1000 vision-enabled mobile terminals read label-based barcodes on packages and equipment. Its common software development kit (SDK) is scalable with the latest smartphone technology and allows open third-party development.

Key benefits include:
  • Convenient, common SDK platform allows third-party development
  • Ideal for reading standard 1D barcodes and small 2-D DataMatrix codes found on bottles, cardboard packaging, multi-pack boxes, and more
  • Reads DotCode symbology found on plastic-wrapped cigarette packaging as well as challenging 2-D tax stamp codes found on tobacco and alcohol products
  • Reads direct part mark (DPM) codes including dot peen and laser marked codes found on a variety of parts and sub-assemblies
  • Reads codes even at extended range
  • Supports standard smartphone models and technology
  • Rugged design for harsh industrial environments
  • Fast deployment with no local server
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