Ship Sorter Scanning

Improve traceability, increase sorting throughput, and reduce manual handing

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Modular Vision Tunnels

Accelerate warehouse optimization with fast, accurate package processing.

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DataMan 470 Series

Fixed-mount barcode readers solve complex, high-throughput manufacturing and logistics applications with ease.

Ship sorters are the backbone of the distribution facility and are often the last scanning point prior to going onto a truck. No reads at this point means re-circulation and manual handling.

Packages often contain multiple labels and codes which must be read quickly and accurately to meet delivery commitments. Achieving efficient operations relies on maximizing throughput (read rates) and minimizing gaps between packages on the line. Fulfillment and distribution centers are constantly seeking ways to reduce the number of no reads on their sorting system and need operational data to better understand the causes. Having this data is critical to improving efficiency. Many traditional laser-based scanning solutions do not provide these valuable insights.

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Cognex's Modular Vision Tunnels, using DataMan image-based barcode readers, have the speed and accuracy to accommodate high-speed ship sorting demands, ensuring that packages are properly sorted and delivered on time. The multi-sided scanning tunnels read codes on packages from any angle, so operators do not have to spend extra time aligning packages to the barcode scanner. In addition, Cognex multi-sided tunnels use advanced algorithms, such as 1D/2D QuickSort, 1DMax with Hotbars technology, 2DMax with PowerGrid technology to accurately read codes at extreme angles (up to 85 degrees) to enable packages and parcels to be placed closer together to increase throughput.

Cognex vision tunnels improve throughput by reducing gaps, decreasing system costs through less rework, and providing customers with system performance feedback for process optimization. Performance feedback data includes image offload for visual feedback and photographic proof of errors, code quality metrics, and heat mapping providing insights into the root causes of no reads and fix issues that are happening elsewhere in the facility.

Ship Sorter Scanning - Performance monitoring

Code quality metrics grade barcodes to ensure maximum readability and DataMan barcode readers capture images of “no-reads” to help identify problems

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