Board Identification

Barcode reading technology identifies serial numbers on board components and reads codes on PCBs for traceability

PCB Identification with Cognex qr code reading

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As PCBs flow from bare boards through screen printing, component population, AOI, and onto final assembly, value is added at many steps and quality data must be tracked. Barcodes are used to encode information about when and where a board was made, solder temperature, flux density, component lot numbers, and test data. Tracking this information with automatic identification is essential to ensure that PCBs have been assembled correctly with all the necessary components. As barcodes decrease in size and incorporate more data, this places extra demands on automatic identification systems.

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Cognex DataMan barcode readers enabled with 1DMax with Hotbars and 2DMax with PowerGrid barcode reading algorithms reliably identify 1D and 2D codes printed on labels or stamped or laser-etched directly onto boards. This keeps machines running at their greatest potential. Cognex machine vision systems offer optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV), in order to identify boards and high-value components by their serial numbers or read information not incorporated into the original barcode label.

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