Aligning Mini Led Die During Bonding

Quickly and accurately align LED die to ensure reliable bonding performance and throughput

Overhead cameras locating mini LED die on a wafer for pick and place bonding

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After mini LED die have been sorted and counted, they are electrically and physically bonded to substrates for packaging. This is an automated two-step pick-and-place operation that requires precision and speed. First, a robotic micro-gripper uses machine vision to locate the correct die and pick it up from the input carrier. Next, a second machine vision system locates the destination on the substrate and accurately guides the gripper to the bonding location for precise placement. Both processes are delicate. Improper vision alignment can require thousands of assists (required manual intervention of the automation process) and yield thousands of damaged die over a machine’s lifespan. Poorly performing vision systems cost equipment companies market share, lower throughput, and significantly increase support costs.

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Cognex Vision Pro software provides robust, accurate, and fast pattern location for aligning mini LED die during the bonding process to help avoid these problems. With Cognex, OEMs can optimize their equipment’s overall performance, improve quality, and increase yields.

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