Deep Learning Basics

data cloud behind yellow brain outline

Deep learning technology is used in advanced manufacturing practices for quality inspection and other judgment-based applications

From the phones in our pockets to the reality of self-driving cars, the consumer economy has started to tap into the power of deep learning’s neural networks. Deep learning has emerged as a foundational technology in:
  • Speech, text, and facial recognition
  • Mobile and wearable devices
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Internet security

Deep learning technology is being used to predict patterns and make critical business decisions. This same technology is now migrating into advanced manufacturing practices for quality inspection and other judgment-based uses.

In essence, deep learning teaches robots and machines to do what comes naturally to humans: to learn by example. New, low-cost hardware has made it practical to deploy bio-inspired, multi-layered “deep” neural networks that mimic neuron networks in the human brain. Starting from a core logic developed during initial training, deep neural networks can continuously refine their performance as they are presented with new images, speech, and text. This gives manufacturing technology amazing new abilities to recognize images, distinguish trends, and make intelligent predictions and decisions.

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