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Barcode readers identify food and beverage pallet labels, even under challenging conditions

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After production is complete, foods are boxed and palletized for transport. Pallet scanning systems are used to register pallets leaving the factory and route them to the correct warehouse or distribution center. Pallets are often shrink-wrapped with reflective materials such as tape or plastic, which can cause no-reads during scanning. Because a pallet contains many barcodes, it can be difficult for the reader to distinguish the right one. Lighting conditions can also present challenges. Factory lighting can vary throughout the day, and occlusions in the camera’s line of sight may also render codes unreadable.

Cognex DataMan barcode readers scan pallets as easily as boxes. With a large depth-of-field and wide field-of-view, DataMan readers decipher a pallet label quickly and accurately, even when it is surrounded by other labels. Polarized lighting options enhance the readability of codes covered by shrink wrap or other reflective coverings.

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