Foreign Object inspection

Ensure food and beverage products are contaminant-free

Foreign object inspection

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Contamination and foreign material, such as air pockets, dust, particles, or hair, are still one of the major causes of product recalls in the food and beverage industry. Ensuring consistent product quality with little operator intervention enhances and preserves brand reputation while maximizing productivity and investments.

Relying on human quality inspection can be costly, particularly when looking for defects in high-speed production environments. Operators are required to perform mundane and repetitive tasks such as looking through microscopes on a work bench. Due to the variation in product and potential defects, traditional machine vision is time-consuming to develop and optimize for an operator dependent inspection.

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Cognex deep learning locates, analyzes, and classifies complex contamination issues in real time to stop contaminants from entering the supply chain on high volume lines. Deep learning combines the human-like inspection capabilities with the automation, scale, and repeatability of a computerized system. This can be augmented by the use of robotics to ensure machine handling and vision tools work together to inspect the most complex anomalies sometimes missed by operators. The end result is less recall events, lower rework costs, and full product image capture and traceability.

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