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VisionPro Helps Manufacturer Inspect Rubber Parts Quickly and Accurately

IMA TEC using cognex patmax software for part identification

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IMA-TEC GmbH, a manufacturing company based in Kürnach, Germany, ensures watertight rubber seal quality using 3D and 2D cameras, VisionPro® vision software from Cognex, and a robotic arm that moves part contours accurately past cameras in order to get accurate, reliable inspections.

The production process sometimes creates anomalies such as surface discoloration, irregular shapes in the finished parts, and wear marks that make inspection by a camera and vision software more difficult. IMA-TEC GmbH’s optical inspection system had to be able to distinguish clearly between true product defects, such as cracks or material shrinkage, and discoloration and other anomalies that do not affect product quality.

IMA-TEC GmbH solves the particular requirements of rubber parts inspection by combining one 3D and four 2D cameras with the intelligent VisionPro vision software from Cognex.  Each part is inspected five times and depending on the variant in question, the inspection process by the five cameras takes just 2.5 - 3.8 seconds. This means that depending on variant, a throughput of up to seven million parts a year can be achieved.

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