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Wuxi Baotong uses In-Sight Micro 1020 vision system to inspect industrial blades

Wuxi Baotong using cognex insight 8000 red light metal inspection

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Wuxi Baotong, an industrial blade manufacturer in China, uses the In-Sight® Micro 1020 vision system to ensure that the printed sides of their blades are facing upwards in their production process. On one side of the blades that are inspected, the “SY” brand is stamped and the other side has nothing printed on it. The blades are 18mm (0.7086 in) long, 7mm (0.2756 in) wide, and are made of a silver-colored metal. In the inspection process, the blades are put into a bowl feeding machine and moved into three channels using vibrating motion. When a blade appears underneath the In-Sight® Micro 1020, it automatically takes a picture of it. If the vision system judges that the side containing printed words is facing upward, then it passes the product as a “good” part. When the vision system detects that the printed words are face down, it sends a switching signal to the actuating mechanism which facilitates the removal of this blade from the production line. Blades that enter the system upside down are moved back to the vibrating disk which causes them to bounce and flip over several times. The next time the blade enters the machine, it may be face up so that it can pass inspection and move through the production process.

The inspection process uses an In-Sight 1020 vision system, a vibrating disk, an annular light source, and equipment used to remove blades that enter the system upside down. The whole system can select and inspect 250 blades per minute.


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