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In-Sight enables positioning and grabbing in robotic movement

Shanghai ABB car door robot arm picking

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Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. is the global headquarters of ABB robot business, which possesses state of the art robot production line, providing comprehensive solution for finished automobile, parts and components and the manufacturing industry. In automobile industry area, ABB has not only various technology centers, such as white body, power assembly, stamping automation and cosmetic automation, but also provides various arc welding and spot welding robot system in auto parts and components sector. In manufacturing industry area, ABB provides all kinds of robot technology and application, including commissioning and assembly, process automation, welding, transporting, machining, packaging and stacking. During the processes, in-sight camera (vision system) acts as the robot’s eye, working with the robot to improve production efficiency.

PatMax® enables automatic positioning and accurate grabbing

In the production process of automotive side panels (stamping parts), the position of the side panels at the transmission line is not fixed every time it came out of the compressor after completion of stamping process. To achieve automatic grabbing, accurate location of the product must be sent to robots, so that the robot can make proper adjustment for automatic grabbing and stacking. PatMax feature of IN-Sight product offers a good solution to this problem. As long as the testing product comes into its view distance, accurate positioning can be achieved. It then sends the x-coordinate, y-coordinate and angle offset of the product to the robot, as if providing a pair of eyes to the robot, which helps the robot to grab the product efficiently and accurately. PatMax offers unique automatic positioning function that other visual products do not have.

Ensure 100% grabbing rate for customers

Before that, the stamping line stacking relies on manual grabbing, but this is far from being enough, because 24 hours production will make workers fatigue, reducing the productivity. Cognex In-Sight PatMax feature fixes this problem excellently, saving labor costs and improving productivity.

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