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Pharmaceutical Company Detects, Aligns, and Inspects Product Labels with Machine Vision

AstraZeneca high speed 2D code check insight

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Cognex vision sensors protect label quality

The quality and content of pharmaceutical labels is closely tied to consumer safety. AstraZeneca China’s top production priority is to ensure the accuracy of label detection as well as the stability of the detection system. Traditional electric-photo sensors often encounter errors when checking the edge of two neighboring labels. These sensors could not meet AstraZeneca’s high-speed production requirements.

In order to reduce defect levels during production, AstraZeneca needed a more accurate vision system to count label numbers, check whether the edge of the neighboring labels on the production line were correctly aligned, and signal when an error occurred. When AstraZeneca in China decided to turn to vision, they realized they needed a supplier who could assure the accuracy of product label detection while maintaining high production speeds.

Vision Sensors Integrate into High Speed Production Lines

Every production line in AstraZeneca’s China plant is fully automated, capable of adjusting to different labeling speeds. In order to ensure optimum performance and speed, Cognex vision sensors were installed to check whether the edges of neighboring labels are properly aligned during production, count labels, and alert operators in the case of an error. Vision sensors communicate with a PLC that controls the production equipment. Cognex vision sensors are simple to configure and install, so that operation staff can quickly and easily carry out job selection and inspection tasks. As a result, production at AstraZeneca China is carried out effectively, and defect levels have decreased.

Thanks to Cognex vision sensors’ stability and accuracy, AstraZeneca China improved the quality of detection and counting, raised their level of productivity, and reduced costs.

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