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DataMan 5.2.0 Software

DataMan 300 Specifications

DataMan 5.2.0 is a full setup tool release and includes new firmware for fixed mount readers DataMan 300 and DataMan 503. New features include Test Mode, Tuning on all symbologies, improved scripting capabilities, 1-D process control metrics, Aztec code, enhanced PDF417 algorithms and more. Note that DataMan 5.2.0 software installs the latest firmware versions for all platforms: - 5.2.0 for DataMan 300/503 - 5.0.0 SR2 for DataMan 500 - 5.1.1 SR1 for DataMan 50/60 - 4.2.2 SR3 for DataMan 8x00 - 4.2.3 SR1 for DataMan 9500 5.2.0 Setup Tool supports all current DataMan ID products.

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