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Vision Software

Cognex Designer 2.0 Bildverarbeitungssoftware

Geringerer Zeitaufwand zum Entwickeln, Inbetriebnehmen und Warten von 3-D und 2-D Multi-Kamera-Anwendungen

VisionPro Machine Vision Software Features

Cognex Designer is an integrated development environment for use with VisionPro software. Creating machine vision applications has become increasingly complex over the years. Cognex Designer eliminates the need to use Microsoft® Developer Studio by providing the tools for breaking down the complexity into manageable tasks in order to complete vision projects successfully in a shorter period of time.

Key capabilities of Cognex Designer:

  • Rich HMI user interface—The integrated HMI user interface builder allows for easy development of professional-looking user interfaces with advanced functionality
  • Graphical environment—Graphical sequence diagrams allow machine vision engineers to quickly build 90-100% of vision their systems without the need for advanced programming
  • Integrated factory floor and I/O communication—Communication with Rockwell, Siemens, and Mitsubishi PLCs (without scripting) directly within Cognex Designer
  • Access to included world-class vision tools—Bundled with VisionPro® software, providing access to PatMax®, PatMax AutoTune, IDMax®, and OCRMax vision tools
  • Database, audit trail, and recipe management
  • Integrated license security—License security is built into the hardware to replace hardware dongles that can become misplaced or compromised at organizations
  • Project collaboration and reuse—Export and import Cognex Designer templates to maximize project collaboration and reuse
  • Qualified with Cognex hardware—Cognex Industrial Cameras, Cognex 3D laser displacement sensors, Cognex 8704e 4-port GigE Frame grabber, CC24 I/O card and VC5 vision controller

Ordering Cognex Designer with Cognex VC5, 8704e, or CC24 Hardware

Cognex Designer and VisionPro software is available in a bundle with the VC5 vision controller, 8704e Frame Grabber, or CC24 IO and PLC Communication card. A development license is also available. Visit the Ordering and System Information section for how to order and obtain Cognex Designer software.

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