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Display manufacturers face unprecedented challenges: How do you meet the high accuracy demands of the latest touch panel and FPD technologies? How to quickly adapt to newer processes? How quickly can you integrate your vision solution, from prototype to production? How easily can you modify it for product change-overs?

AlignPlus® from Cognex is a turnkey solution specifically aimed at high precision multi-camera alignment and motion stage or robot control. It includes powerful and robust vision technology for highly accurate part location detection. Based on Cognex’s experience in deploying thousands of alignment systems, AlignPlus includes utilities that make it possible to deploy machines without needing vision experts in the field. With flexibility to handle wide assortment of camera and motion stage designs, AlignPlus is your choice for accurate, simple and flexible machine vision.

AlignPlus Applications

AlighPlus application image

Cognex Auto-Calibration delivers ease of use and robustness

  • Consolidates camera & motion control across local and remote stations
  • Corrects for critical systemic errors, reduces lens and perspective distortions, motions stage errors etc.
  • Eliminates the need for precise camera mounting, allowing operators to calibrate the system in minutes, not hours.
  • Delivers consistent machine-to-machine results

Accuracy Automation
  • Locate fiducials and edges with industry-leading PatMax® and LineMax™ vision technology.
  • Compensate for the smallest optical distortions and non-linear motion system errors.
  • Perform field calibration with automated routines that don’t require vision experts.
  • Create alignment recipes by graphical configuration eliminating time-consuming trial-and-error procedures.
  • Reduce downtime with built-in diagnostic testing that pin points sources of error during alignment.
  • Select from a broad range of cameras, image acquisition, and processing configuration for optimal price and performance.
  • Adapt to unique designs with customizable application software.
  • Interface with most stages and robots with plug-ins.

Zugehörige Produkte

Cognex® VC5 Bildverarbeitungssysteme

mit Anschluss von bis zu vier Kameras für Hochleistungs-Bildverarbeitung.

Cognex Designer

an integrated development environment for 2D multi-camera and 3D vision applications.

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