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Cigarette Case Packing and Aggregation

Read codes to verify contents and create a single, serialized code for traceability

Cigarette Case Packing and Aggregation

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In preparation for shipping, a cigarette case packer or manual operators, aggregate cigarette cartons in cases according to specific customer orders. These cases can contain the same cartons organized in orderly rows or be a mixture of different cigarette brands or flavors randomly placed in the cases. Tobacco distributors must read the codes on the cigarette cartons in order to verify the contents are complete, and to create a single, serialized code to be placed on the outer shipping case. Any mis-reads will divert the case for manual intervention.

Cognex machine vision systems are ideal for this task and eliminate costly manual inspections. A single, 12MP In-Sight 9912 vision system reads all the Data Matrix codes thanks to the wide field of view, plus the high resolution clearly identifies even the smallest 2D codes. The In-Sight 9912 is equipped with HDR+ and powerful PatMax object location technology to find the codes and the 2DMax code reading algorithm with PowerGrid technology to accurately read each code.


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