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PCB Component Placement Guidance

Machine vision guides the picking and placement of components onto the PCB

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Component placement guidance is especially important for flexible printed circuits (FPCBs). FPCBs replace rigid PCBs in many OLED displays and other electronic modules where flexibility and space are at a premium, such as cameras, loudspeakers, I/O jacks, and even some logic boards.

Cognex machine vision solutions help guide components including surface mount devices (SMD) onto PCBs or FPCs. Cognex vision technology locates parts prior to component mounting, using very high speed geometric pattern matching to assure accurate placement of even the most finely pitched devices. Cognex’s Synthetic PatMax and Model Maker tools allow OEMs to quickly and easily create component models from CAD data. This eliminates potential bias or other errors that can be introduced by an operator using traditional image-based training model methods.

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