NATICK, MA, USA March 24, 2009

New Release for Cognex Hardware-Independent Vision Software

Optimization for multicore PCs and other enhancements make VisionProTM software a smart choice

Corporation (NASDAQ - CGNX), the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems and vision sensors, announces new software expanding the powerful toolset of its hardware-independent VisionPro software. The VisionPro 5.2 release provides an easier to use version of the patented PatMax technology, enhanced color tools and an enhanced architecture to harness the power of multicore PCs.

The release includes new SearchMaxTM and Color ExtractorTM color tools. SearchMax uses color features to search for objects. It is extremely powerful in applications where geometrical data is insufficient to align the part. ColorExtractor locates colored regions in complex scenes, with very minimal training . It is optimized for high speed applications such as those required in the food and packaging industries.

Additionally, the new release includes multicore support for image filtering tools as well as for PatMax and PatInspect®. Customers can manually adjust the way cores are used, or rely on the operating system to get the best application speed regardless of the number of cores available.

VisionPro 5.2 also simplifies the acquisition from any imaging source. Now any combination of frame grabbers or direct connect cameras can be used in a single application. The Acquisition Alliance program, announced in January, provides Cognex customers with best-in-class, integrated machine vision solutions through access to major camera vendors.

“This latest VisionPro release continues to make ease-of-use for the customer a priority,” said Markku Jaaskelainen, Executive Vice President and Vision Software Business Unit Manager. “Optimizing for multicore systems, enhancing color vision tools and adding tools to help in complex applications, show the Cognex commitment to provide the most comprehensive vision software product on the market for all users.”

VisionPro 5.2 is currently available.

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