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NATICK, MA August 16, 2007

Cognex Expands High-Performance Wafer Reader Offerings

New In-Sight 1720 model extends product family to three models

Natick, MA, August 16, 2007—Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ - CGNX), the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems and wafer readers to the semiconductor industry, today announced that it has added the In-Sight® 1720 model to its family of high-performance wafer readers. The In-Sight 1720 joins the 1721 and 1722 models to provide semiconductor fabs and equipment with automated wafer identification at every price point.

With the addition of the 1720, Cognex now offers an unprecedented range of lighting and imaging solutions to meet all of today’s reading challenges for 100% wafer traceability. The Series consists of the following three models:

  • In-Sight 1720 – new model features powerful OCR and barcode reading in a standalone package with a 752 x 480 CMOS sensor that is suitable for both new equipment and retrofits
  • In-Sight 1721 – incorporates a high-resolution 1024 x 768 CCD specifically for 300mm wafers with T7 Data Matrix codes
  • In-Sight 1722 – includes patent-pending infrared lighting for new ultra-thin oxide, nitride and polyimide wafer coatings.

“As our fab customers continue the move towards fully automated wafer traceabilty, new semiconductor processes and materials present new wafer ID challenges,” said Marilyn Matz, Cognex Senior VP, Semiconductor and Electronics. “By expanding the In-Sight 1720 Series, Cognex continues to provide solutions that keep pace with the latest advances in wafer manufacturing technology.”

The 1720 Series offers the highest-performing wafer readers ever available to the semiconductor industry. With more than 25,000 wafer readers installed, Cognex delivers everything needed for simple and reliable wafer ID without advanced operator training.

The In-Sight 1720 is available now.

John Lewis
Public Relations Manager
Cognex Corporation
(508) 650-3140


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