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More goal reaching fewer lamb to the slaughter situations


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Samantha Frost, 08-16-2011
When I came to Cognex I was hired as a technical support engineer. As a Tech support engineer at Cognex, not only did I need to be familiar with our systems in Hardware and Software, but what systems they interacted with. The Vision system is only a piece to the puzzle and in order to help solve problems from our customers, or recommend an implementation path – you need to understand the whole system.  I learned something new every day and loved it.  If I could, I would be a professional student, but who has that kind of money anyway? I then moved to Marketing. My expertise with customers and my knowledge of our vision systems(and what they interacted with) was needed for the initial setup of accounts, sort of a prove it concept before the buy it – approach. This was good in the fact I could come in with sales and have the background to understand the system and what would really work and not. In fact, when I used to travel as a technical marketer with sales guys into new accounts – I would speak honestly – even if it meant that the customer could solve their inspection with 2 photo eyes as opposed to a Vision System.  I didn’t go on many sales calls after that.  I’m not saying you can always solve the problem on the cheap, but if you are trying to solve the problem  - you better know what all the variables are – not only – what are you trying to do? But How will the success of this Vision System be measured? What interacts with this system? Who maintains it? Where is it installed? Will this be installed worldwide? What demands will change a year from now? 5 years from now? What other devices will be updated/maintained on the line? Will this vision system support this? This will help you make a more efficient decision to accomplish your inspection goals and result in less lamb to the slaughter situations. (Being the lamb in my former life, I would appreciate it. )

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