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It Takes a Team of Smart People to Create Smart Technology

Every day, in virtually every industry, Cognex technology is changing the way products are made. Cognex systems emulate the human brain and eyes. Each system consists of optics, an image sensor, and high-speed electronics that work together to capture an image, and software to analyze that image and make sense of what’s being seen. While this process is second nature to humans, it’s a very complex challenge for a computer. Cognex was one of the first companies to teach computers how to “see.” Today, we are the largest, most well-recognized global player in industrial machine vision.

For more than 35 years, Cognex has helped the world’s most innovative companies make their manufacturing operations faster, smarter, and more efficient with vision. Using data from the billions of digital images captured by Cognex vision systems, companies can monitor, update, and change production plans in real time across global supply chains. These companies use Cognex vision and barcode reading systems to improve product quality and track items through each stage of production and distribution.

Cognex also helps industries manufacture items more accurately and more quickly, while lowering production costs, a win for both companies and consumers. Cognex is focused entirely on solving the toughest problems in industrial machine vision and ID, and we’re constantly applying new techniques like deep learning and 3D sensing to help companies push production limits beyond what they previously thought possible.

More than one billion products are made each day using Cognex vision. You could say that the only thing smarter than our vision and ID systems are the people that stand behind them. One of them could be you! Teams from Barcelona to Boulder, Cork to Cupertino, Shanghai to Seoul, and beyond work together every day to create our leading-edge technology. Wherever in the world you are or want to be, Cognex will give you the opportunity to work hard, play hard, and move fast.

Visit jobs.cognex.com, or download our free guide, to explore a career at Cognex.

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