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Automatic Tuning Makes Optical Character Recognition Simple for Your Vision System

I am excited to say that we have just added a new feature to our OCRMax™ optical character recognition software tool called auto-tune, which is going to make it much easier for you to use the tool for reading date codes, and lot codes, expiry dates, part identification, print verification, and label verification for package inspection and part traceability OCR applications.

One of the challenges with the OCRMax tool was you needed to set many complex parameters in order get the highest read rates. Now we have really simplified the setup for OCR applications, which you can complete in a few minutes with a single click of a button to set optimal parameters without any specialized training or experience. This is a great development because today pretty much anyone can use the tool and get read rates above 99% with the ultimate ease of use.

You can get OCRMax with auto-tune in the latest In-Sight® Explorer and VisionPro® software releases. To find out more, visit OCR Technology

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