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When Moving Is A Bad Thing

Continuing the discussion on our new DataMan 50/60 Series and why people who use small single line laser scanners should upgrade, the third feature I want to discuss is solid state design.

I covered the technology differences between laser scanners and image-based readers in my “Higher read rates than laser scanners” blog post. In that post, I shared that most laser scanners have an electronically controlled mirror that is used to sweep the laser beam to find the barcode. This mirror is constantly moving, and as with most things that move constantly, it means they are subject to wear and often break. In fact, many users of small laser scanners are probably familiar with the laser scanner replacement cycle.

A big benefit of DataMan barcode readers is the solid state design. There are no moving parts that can wear out or break. That’s correct, none. It means the product has an effectively longer product life and there is no need to have to repair them, which can save you downtime and maintenance costs.

So, we’ve covered three huge advantages you can get when you upgrade your small laser scanners to DataMan 50/60 series:

  1. Higher read rates: more throughput and less labor costs
  2. Performance feedback: process improvement
  3. No moving parts: less downtime and lower maintenance costs

In my next blog, I’ll talk about specific applications where DataMan 50/60 Series is particularly well-suited.

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