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There's even an app for that


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Kasey Tipping, 09-30-2015

Your phone wakes you up at 6am and you roll out of bed.

While you make your coffee, you check your emails and browse your Facebook feed.

You consult the weather app to decide what to wear and check your calendar to see how many meetings you have today.

Google Maps navigates the best route to work while you select an R&B playlist on Spotify as your morning soundtrack.

As lunch approaches, you order pizza via text message and snap a selfie to share on Snapchat.

You buy and sell a few shares with the touch of a button and head out to the factory floor.

You fire up your Quick Setup app to configure your barcode readers…wait, what? There’s an app for that?

Absolutely! If you can organize your life from the convenience of your smartphone, why not set up your barcode code readers just as easily. If you have DataMan 260 or DataMan 360 series fixed-mount readers and a Wi-Fi network, you can now configure your readers with the simple-to-use Quick Setup App…right on your smart phone! The app allows you to locate your networked readers, optimize brightness, contrast, and focus for the best image formation. You can store and review images in real time to identify and troubleshoot the causes of no-reads. You can even make adjustments on the fly and transfer configuration settings from one reader to another.

Phone App Image

Get the free app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store today. While we can't promise it'll change your life, it will make it a little simpler.

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