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Power Up Your Operations with Airport Baggage Handling Solutions from Cognex

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Caroline Smart, 10-18-2018

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts nearly 50% growth in air travel by 2035. The air transport industry faces the challenge of increasing passenger numbers, along with the need to reduce baggage handling error rates, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Bags travel long distances through airports and between planes. Even with the best bag handling, tags naturally suffer damage and degradation. Failure to read a bag tag sends that bag through a manual encoding station which can result in higher labor costs and missed bag fees.

Cognex’s airport baggage handling solutions use the power of image-based barcode readers to improve the speed and accuracy of luggage processing. Airport baggage handling solutions from Cognex use the power of image-based barcode readers to improve the speed and accuracy of luggage processing. Image-based barcode reading systems offer high read rates for efficient baggage handling, performance feedback for tracking and security, and no moving parts that can wear out or fail.

Airports from Paris, France to Phoenix, AZ have adopted Cognex’s automated bag tag reading solutions to streamline baggage drop-off during check-in, track and secure baggage handling, automate sortation, scan baggage during loading and transfer, and ensure that luggage arrives at the correct destination. To power up your operations, download Cognex’s free Airport Baggage Handling Solutions Guide.

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