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Multiple code reading applications made as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4


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Eric Andersen, 06-14-2012

Reading more than one barcode at a time is a challenging application for many manufacturing and material handling engineers. In these applications there is a need to read multiple codes of the same symbology as well as multiple codes of mixed symbologies (1-D barcodes and 2-D matrix codes) within one field of view (FOV). Even more difficult is reading one or more codes on multiple sides of a product to verify that the codes match or to output both sides’ read results as one piece of data.

Advanced image-based industrial ID readers should be able to adapt as your application changes, especially when presented with more than one code at a time. You need one barcode reader that can do it all: 1) read any barcode or set of codes, every time; is 2) easy to setup; can 3) control the data output; and is 4) simple to integrate into your processes.

I’ll explore each of these topics in following posts. In the meantime, what multiple code reading challenges do you face? 

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