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Testimonials: Technology

Vision technology is changing the face of manufacturing. Eliminating mechanical processes means flexible, fully automated solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs. Thanks to identification and traceability programs manufacturers can now track products from cradle to grave. Vision guided robotics have made robotic solutions deployable in places that before were not possible. With advances in sensor technology, the Cognex Checker replaces traditional sensors for multiple detection applications.

PickMaster™, a productivity enhancing concept for high speed picking applications was developed by ABB Robotics and is based on Cognex vision technology.

The rapid spread of robot technology worldwide proves that vision guided robotic solutions are the key to higher productivity, better economics and higher product quality. Industrial vision technology provides a wide range of ABB robots with "eyes" to see where the part is located and accurately place them in precise positions at the same time performing extensive quality inspection.

Henril Knobel, Product Manager

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Cognex In-Sight is the driving force behind the first fully integrated tray inspection system combining machine vision with automatic tray handling for the pharmaceutical industry. It was developed by Clarke Engineering Services Inc. (CES) who chose In-Sight for accuracy, reliability, and performance.

Cognex tools were more robust for this application than the other vision tools we evaluated, and the powerful preprocessing filters helped us achieve the desired inspection results. The Cognex vision tools provided the most robust solution.

Chris Clarke, President

ID technologies that have already proven themselves in other industries are now opening up previously untapped potential in hospitals. Traceability and transparency for instrument management are critical factors in hospitals and clinics. Based in Switzerland, Ulrich Swiss has developed the Kenus® system based on Cognex In-Sight vision systems which has already proven effective in many clinical practices when it comes to management and traceability of surgical instruments and their sterilization.

What has impressed us the most is the accuracy and reliability of the In-Sight solution. I am fascinated by the fact that different codes can be read quickly and one hundred percent accurately with a simple workstation configuration.

Lukas Giovanettoni, Chief Executive
Ulrich Swiss AG


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