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HANWHA TechM incorporates Cognex vision systems into a major automotive company's assembly line

Hanwha TechM factory using cognex vision systems

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Recently, Hanwha TechM helped to improve productivity and dramatically reduce  defect and error rates at a major automotive company’s production facility after integrating Cognex In-Sight® vision systems and DataMan® ID readers.

Outstanding performance in inspecting a great variety of automotive parts

The car transmission assembly line covers a great variety of automotive parts including clutch packs, carriers, CV/HSG, V/V bodies, pistons, seals, and snap rings. Therefore, several inspections are required. An omission or error in core parts can be fatal for the passenger and intensive inspection is critical.

Targeting a zero defect rate on the customer’s transmission assembly line, Hanwha TechM made its best effort in developing a perfect vision system which offered superior inspection performance and maintained optimal manufacturing processes. The Korean leader in factory automation equipment has concentrated on enhancing the perfection of finished products through a significant increase in inspection (from 30% to 50%) on the transmission assembly line on which approximately 100 manufacturing processes are handled.

Mr. Park Woo-Sung of SHTECH, a Cognex PSI (Partner System Integrator), said, “The In-Sight vision system provided outstanding performance based on a powerful algorithm and has made it possible to check all cameras on the assembly line and save and manage images at a main server through an Ethernet network.”

The only vision system which supports standard industrial grading

Unlike other industries, the automotive assembly line is exposed to poor environmental conditions such as oil, dust, moisture, and vibration. Because these factors have a direct impact on the inspection results, they must be considered when implementing a vision system.

With a strong die-cast aluminum and stainless steel case, the In-Sight vision system is durable and safe from external impacts such as severe vibration. It also offers IP67 and IP68 ratings, which means it is safe from dust and moisture. Based on internal regulations, the customer has asked for systems which meet the IP67 or higher grade.

For the inspections, Hanwha TechM used an In-Sight 5100 for inspections at a standard resolution, a high-resolution In-Sight 5403 for precise measurement, an In-Sight 5110 2-D Data Matrix ID reader, and DataMan handheld ID readers for backup. For snap ring inspections, VisionPro® vision software has been connected to four 5 megapixel cameras, inspecting parts to a 0.6mm tolerance.

Mr. Park said, “In the past, an inspection system would be developed manually or with a sensor or probe but this was poor in both accuracy and productivity. Many new assembly lines have started to adopt vision systems to enhance reliability and improve process efficiency.” He continued, “Hanwha TechM expects that it will be able to increase hourly productivity by 5-15% through the introduction of Cognex products.”

About HANWHA TechM

Hanwha TechM was founded in 1953 under the name of ‘Shinhan Bearing Industry, Inc.’ Since then, the company has played a leading role in automated facilities, machine tool, display and automobile assembly systems based on its superior expertise and five decades of accumulated know-how. It owns unparalleled technology in the display and factory automation facility industries. In the machine tool sector as well, Hanwha TechM has developed its reputation as an industry leader in CNC automatic lathes. For more information, visit the website (hanwhatechm.co.kr).

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