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  • Introduction to Industrial Barcode Reading

    Understanding 1-D and 2-D code architectures and application methods makes choosing the idealbarcode reader a simple, black-and-white decision.


    Barcode Basics

    Barcodes have revolutionized the way companies do business. Learn how barcodes have evolved and how companies use them track and trace products throughout their lifecycle.


    Types of Barcodes and Marking Methods

    Over the years, different forms of barcodes have been developed to help businesses around the world ensure part or product traceability, error-proof assembly processes and enhance customer service. Learn about the different symbologies and their typical uses.


    Types of Barcode Readers

    There are many types of barcode readers on the market that address the many applications. Selecting the right solution starts with a careful examination of your code-reading requirements.

    Cognex Barcode Reading Symbologies Webinar


    Browse the wealth of learning and technical resources to get the most out of your industrial barcode reading system.


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