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    Wafer Quality Challenges

    Finer pitch, thinner, and more valuable wafers make manufacturing reliability and traceability more important than ever. Cognex leads the way in precision alignment and wafer ID, despite process changes that dramatically affect a wafer’s appearance as it goes through production.

    Wafer Pre-alignment

    Cognex software pre-aligns wafers with high accuracy, reducing the fine alignment steps inside the process tool.


    Wafer Fine Alignment

    PatMax® feature location is accurate under the most challenging conditions.


    Wafer Identification

    In-Sight 1740 Series wafer readers, featuring a compact package and integrated illumination, reliably identify all SEMI codes.

    Wafer Inspection

    PatInspectTM provides single step alignment and defect detection.



    Bond Pad Inspection

    Synthetic pattern training finds and inspects bond pads of almost any shape.

    Probe Tip Inspection

    Specialized software checks probe tips for wear, and ensures proper alignment.