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  • Visual Inspection using VisionView Operator Interface

    This visualization option is available in four platforms

    VisionView 900 operator interface display panel

    The VisionView® operator interface is ideal for monitoring and controlling In-Sight® vision systems and Ethernet-enabled DataMan industrial ID readers on the factory floor, and allows operator controls specific to the application. The VisionView application software is available on four platforms for flexible visual inspection.

    VisionView Application Software Features

    • Automatic detection of compatible Cognex In-Sight smart cameras and/or DataMan barcode readers on your network.
    • Seamless integration with your existing plant floor Human Machine Interface(HMI).
    • “Plug-and-Go” configurationno PC required.
    • View up to nine (twelve with VisionView PC) systems in a single tiled view.
    • Display full color images with graphic overlays and operator controls.
    • Fast image updates provide the most recent inspection images.
    • Last Failed Image view shows the current image and last failed image side-byside.
    • Filtered Image view gives the ability to see filtered images.
    • In-Sight CustomViews are operator controls created in the spreadsheet to automatically appear.
    • In-Sight EasyView displays items selected from the In-Sight EasyBuilder® user interface.
    • Run-time ability to train fonts is ideal for OCR/OCV applications.
    • TestRun plug-in alerts the operator of any conditions that could negatively impact operation.

    Cognex offers a variety of visualization options that can be tailored to fit any industrial application.