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  • High Performance Vision Sensor Inspections:

    NO PC Required!

    The SensorView™ 2 smart display from Cognex gives production managers the power to create, edit and monitor vision sensor activity without the need for a PC. With integrated part detection, lighting, I/O and job change, Checker 4G is the easy and affordable way to verify the products you manufacture. 

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    Four simple steps 
    walk you through setup

    The image display simplifies setup
    by enabling you to see what the
    sensor sees

    Dynamic help is always available

    SensorView 2

    You may edit and change values as required.

    Suports custom logic from the display panel.

    Checker’s unique inspection sensors provide the most reliable way to inspect your part:

    Brightness Sensor Brightness sensors look for dark or light areas on the part.    Width Sensor Width sensors measure the width of a part, component, or feature.
    Contrast Sensor Contrast sensors look for areas on the part that contain both bright and dark areas: date codes, threads, and many other part features.   Height Sensor Height sensors measure the height of a part, component, or feature.
    Pattern Sensor Pattern sensors understand what your part features look like and lets you know when the feature appears.   Diameter Sensor Diameter sensors measure the diameter of a part, component, or feature.
    Edge Presence Sensor Edge presence sensors verify the presence of edge features.    Pattern Presence Sensor Pattern presence sensors include “robust” and “fast” modes to verify the presence of patterns.
    Pattern Position Sensor Pattern position sensors verify the correct location of patterns and supports 360 degree rotation.    Edge Position Sensor Edge position sensors verify the correct location of edges and supports up to 20 degrees rotation.
    Object Position Sensor Object position sensors verify the correct location of objects (blobs).       

    The Checker Part Finding Sensor has three important advantages:

    1. Detects a part by locating a feature on the part, not just an edge
    2. Tracks parts in varying positions along the production line, overcoming imprecise part positioning
    3. Does not require additional sensors to determine if a part is present