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    Advanced barcode reading and machine vision solutions for tire manufacturers

    Tire Barcode Scanning Solutions

    Tire manufacturers require reliable barcode reading and machine vision solutions throughout all production stages - from receiving raw materials to final assembly. When the lifecycle of a tire spans multiple locations and buildings, accurate tire identification is essential for managing compliance, work in progress, sorting and routing, and quality control. Cognex Tire Solutions integrate proprietary machine vision knowledge, identification expertise and high performance barcode reading technology into pre-configured systems that meet the requirements of the tire industry.


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    DS1000 3D Displacement Laser Sensor Tire

    Unmatched read rate performance

    With patented algorithms for high-speed barcode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reading technology, the new Cognex Tire Solutions provide advanced, reliable reading results.

    • Industry-leading read rates:  1DMax+ with Hotbars™ algorithms provide the highest barcode read rates in the industry, even with damaged and low contrast
    • DS1000 Series 3D Sensor:  reads embossed characters on curved, dark surfaces at speeds up to one tire revolution per second
    • OCRMax™ Vision Technology: high contrast reading results from low contrast reading environments
     DS1000 Software: 3D and 2D vision toolsets for additional inspection capabilities 


    Tire Barcode Scanning Belt

    Low Cost of Ownership

    Designed to reduce costs and support process improvement, Cognex Tire Solutions offer tire manufacturers greater peace of mind with the following features:

    DataMan® fixed-mount readers: no moving parts; decreases maintenance costs
    Image-based readers: allow you to “see what the reader sees” for troubleshooting support and ongoing improvement efforts
    Xpand™ technology: enables barcode readers to cover a larger field of view with less equipment, reducing overall installation and maintenance costs

    High speed tire barcode scanning

    Customer Satisfaction

    The Cognex Connect communications suite also makes it easy to integrate the Cognex Tire Solutions with factory networks. Cognex Tire Solutions are common stocked products backed by dedicated support networks that provide expedited product delivery.