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    A Maxi Code is a two dimensional matrix, fixed size code that was originally developed for use by UPS in tracking and shipping packages, as it can be scanned quickly on a conveyor belt. It's similar to a 1D barcode, but uses dots instead of bars. It's also called a Bird's Eye code or a UPS code.

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  • Specifications: A Maxi Code is exactly one inch squared, with a bullseye in the middle of it. Around the bullseye are a series of hexagonal dots. It can encode up to 93 characters of data. It also includes an error correction code, so that the code can be read even if it becomes damaged. It has several fields, wherein are encoded the postal code (either a United States zip code or an international code), country code, and service code.

    Advantages: The Maxi Code can be scanned quickly and accurately, even on a fast moving conveyor belt. It can also encode both letters and numbers.

    Disadvantages: A Maxi Code is only able to encode up to 93 characters of data, which makes it useless for larger amounts of information.

    Related Bar Codes:
    Intelligent Mail - Used by the United States Postal Service, this code and its predecessor, POSTNET, are also used for the sorting and tracking of letters and packages. Intelligent Mail is a 1D bar code, though, rather than a matrix code.

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