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  • Aztec Codes

    An Aztec code is so named because of the finder code in the center, which somewhat resembles the aerial view of an Aztec pyramid. The Aztec is a 2D matrix code, typically used for airline tickets and other travel documents, as well as car registration documents. It can also be used in hospitals for patient identification, or to identify medication, samples, or other items related to a particular patient.

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  • Specifications: Unlike most other 2D matrix codes, an Aztec code doesn't require a quiet zone around the edge. Therefore, it's potentially able to store more data in a smaller space. The finder pattern is in the very center of the Aztec code, with the other data encoded around it in concentric square rings.

    Advantages: The Aztec code uses its space more efficiently than other matrix codes. The size can also vary, allowing it potentially to hold vast amounts of information. In addition, the Aztec code comes with error correction and allows you to select the percentage.

    Disadvantages: The Aztec code doesn't support Kana or Kanji characters, as QR codes do.

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    QR - A QR code is set up similarly to an Aztec code, but with three finder patterns in three of the corners of the code, rather than one in the center.

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  • Aztec code
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