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In-Sight: Software & Firmware: Explorer Software

In-Sight Explorer 5.5


This release includes In-Sight Explorer 5.5.0 and the latest firmware for all currently shipping In-Sight vision sensors/systems:

  • In-Sight 7600/7800 vision system models (5.5.0)
  • In-Sight 5705/5705C and 8000 series vision systems (5.5.0)
  • In-Sight 2000 vision sensor models (5.5.0)
  • In-Sight Advantage Engine (5.2.2)
  • In-Sight Micro 1xxx, 51xx/54xx/56xx and 7000 series vision systems (4.10.4)

Support for new In-Sight vision system/sensor models:

  • In-Sight 7800C (0.3 MP), 7801C (1.3 MP) and 7802C (2MP) color vision systems.
  • In-Sight 8400C (0.3 MP), 8401C (1.3 MP) and 8402C (2MP) color vision systems.
  • In-Sight 2000 Mini 2000-110/120/120C/130/130C vision sensors with autofocus liquid lens.
  • In-Sight 2000-23M measurement sensor.

New BeadInspect tool for glue bead applications:

  • Easy to train and configure, and minimizes inspection “blind spots”.
  • Compatible with monochrome In-Sight 5705, 8000 Series and 7000 Gen2 vision systems.

PatMax RedLine enhancements:

  • PatMax RedLine speedup when the search region is fixtured.
  • More accurate scoring for poor matches when Ignore Polarity is enabled, or when multiple matches are present in the FOV.

Enhancements for color tools:

  • Faster ExtractColorHistogram, ExtractColor and MatchColor on newer color In-Sight models.
  • Simultaneous RGB and HSI output from ExtractColorHistogram
In-Sight 7600/7800 Series vision systems-only:
  • Load start up job from SD card
  • Backup and restore to/from SD card.
  • Write images to SD card while system is online
In-Sight 2000 Series vision sensors-only:
  • EasyBuilder support for multiple, independent location tool fixtures and Group tool. (2000-120/130 models)
  • Retrain Pattern model via discrete input.
  • Native Mode results output over RS232.
  • Option to turn off image graphics for the Pixel Count and Color Pixel Count tools. (2000-120/130 models)
Other enhancements:
  • Undo for interactive graphics in spreadsheet mode
  • Separate pass/fail queues on Filmstrip
  • Load jobs by file name (EIP and PROFINET)

Refer to the In-Sight Explorer 5.5.0 Release Notes for a complete list of enhancements and fixes.


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