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Cognex 3DExpress


Cognex 3DExpress Pre-Processing Software

This release supports Cognex 3DExpress to configure one or more area scan cameras for use in 3D displacement applications. 

Acquiring 3D images using 3DExpress requires you to use the 3DExpress interface to configure an Acquisition Integration Kit (AIK) server. Once configured, the server attaches to a VisionPro AIK client to accept the incoming 3D images. Your VisionPro application can acquire images from the server as if it were a supported camera. Both VisionPro and 3DExpress execute as part of your vision solution. 

Be aware Cognex 3DExpress supports a limited set of area-scan cameras for use in a 3D vision application. 

This release includes additional documentation describing the details on configuring a 3DExpress AIK server and attaching it a VisionPro application. 


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