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ISVC200: Software

In-Sight VC Software 7.4.0


In-Sight VC software contains:

  • In-Sight VC Explorer: The development environment for building In-Sight Multi-Camera applications and In-Sight Profiler applications
    • In-Sight VC Explorer 7.4.0 can be co-installed with older versions of the software
    • In-Sight VC Explorer 7.4.0 contains "adapters" to connect to and edit projects on In-Sight VC200 controllers running older firmware shipped with v7.4.0 without needing to update the firmware.
  • Firmware for In-Sight VC200 vision controller and In-Sight cameras for the In-Sight VC200 vision controller as well as for In-Sight Profiler systems. 
  • Key updates in this release:
    • Emulators for both In-Sight Multi-Camera Systems and In-Sight Profiler Systems
    • Simplified 1-click custom-view like workflow for generating web pages from spreadsheet
    • New functions to execute individual or a set of blocks allowing much greater control of application (e.g. update only a spreadsheet block to update counters or patterns, etc.)
    • Ability to run applications without all cameras required by the project connected to the controller
    • A new datatype called “DataSet” allowing users to manage and visualize data in a more intuitive way
    • Charts – trend, bar, pie – that simply take a DataSet variable as an input and plot the data
    • New and enhanced controls for building web pages
    • Password protection for various components in a project
    • Utility for reporting issues.  The utility is available in the installation folder as a standalone executable.  


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