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VisionView Firmware 1.6.8 PR1


VisionView® 1.6.8 firmware files for VisionView 900 and VisionView VGA, to be installed with Cognex Explorer. 

This is a generally available Patch release for VV 1.6.8 that fixes the following bugs :

  • VisionView does not connect to 4.x sensors with an EasyBuilder job loaded, for firmware before 4.10.2
  • Can’t connect DM300 to VisionView 900
  • After clearing DataMan statistics, the VisionView display gets one behind

Additionally the release includes support for the following:

  • Rockwell PanelView Plus 6 and PanelView Plus 7 panels
  • Zebra sensors
  • Yellow/transparent Pixel Count graphics for IS2000 sensors
  • A fix for a VisionView 900 graphical noise issue


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1.6.8 PR1

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