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Cognex ViDi Suite 2.1


Cognex ViDi Suite v2.1 fixed some critical bugs that resulted in longer times for some operations. This Service Release restores the runtime execution performance to what it was in ViDi Suite 2.0.

Note: This version will work only with 2.1 Dongles. To run this version you have to swap out your old physical dongle (got before July 17th 2017). To proceed it, please contact your Cognex regional sales team.

Cognex ViDi Suite 2.1 is an enhancement release based on the previous ViDi 2.0 software.  Key new features include:

  • Improving GPU optimization for the ViDi Blue tool by up to 50% on images with many features
  • Sampling training images more evenly across multiple data sets
  • Simplifying the training interface by moving rarely-used parameters to a new “Expert” mode
  • The ability to change workspace processing parameters at runtime, such as Threshold
  • A more powerful graphical interface for masking and editing regions

A full list of all bug fixes and enhancements will be published in the Cognex ViDi Suite 2.1 Release Notes

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