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In-Sight Explorer 5.4


The main focus of this release is the support of the new next generation In-Sight 7000 series (7600, 7800, 7801 and 7802). In addition to the support of the next generation hardware platforms and its new accessories, 5.4 firmware also adds two new functions: SurfaceFX and Encryption, to the In-Sight vision toolset. For a list of all changes and fixes - please reference the 5.4 Release Notes.

In-Sight 5.x firmware only (supported on 5705 Series, 8000 Series and next generation 7000 Series)

  • SurfaceFX function (Vision Tools > Image), which uses lighting and software algorithms to create high contrast images enhancing three dimensional features on a part. It removes noise/clutter from the surface background and isolates features/defects that are recessed or embossed. Once a contrast image is attained, other vision tools such as OCRMax, Redline, Blob and InspectEdge can perform their inspections.
  • Encrypt function (Text > String), which is used to encrypt result data with a user-defined key. The encrypted data can be sent to a PC or a remote device using an In-Sight function or a native mode command, where the data is decrypted with a decryption application
  • UserData bit bypass. The UserDatabit is an EIP assembly bit that needed to be toggled in order to receive data from In-Sight. This new bit was added in 5.x for additional handshaking between In-Sight and PLC’s using EIP.  However, some customers do not need this extra step in their PLC. This extra step is now optional with the User Data Bypass setting. This is enabled in the Network Setting Dialog->Ethernet/IP->Settings.

Both In-Sight 5.x and 4.x firmware (all In-Sight hardware platforms currently shipping)

  • In the Spreadsheet view, the Discrete Input Settings and Discrete Output Settings dialogs have been combined into a single, Discrete I/O Settings dialog.
  • Updates to : Help File – How to Communicate to a PLC->EtherNet/IP Network


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