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In-Sight 5.3 PR1 Software Patch


In-Sight 5.3.0 PR1 is a firmware-only release for In-Sight 5705C vision systems running firmware version 5.3.0.

This release includes a fix for White Balance functionality, to properly remove color casts in the acquired image by calculating the image's red, green and blue (RGB) values and correcting them according to color tables stored in the In-Sight job. 

To install the firmware to the vision system:

  1. Extract the contents of the In-Sight Explorer 5.3 PR1 Patch Installer.zip file to your PC.
  2. Run Update.exe. This will copy the patched 5705C firmware to your PC (C:\ProgramData\Cognex\Firmware\In-Sight\5.3.0\is5700.upd).
  3. Launch In-Sight Explorer and navigate to System menu > Update Firmware.
  4. Find the 5705C vision system(s) in the list and verify that the “New Version” column displays “5.03.00 PR1 (171)”.
  5. Upgrade the 5705C vision system(s) normally.

White Balance can be applied by executing the WhiteBalance spreadsheet function, pressing the White Balance button in the AcquireImage property sheet or pressing the White Balance button in the EasyBuilder Setup Image application step. (CR#44005)


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5.3.0 PR1

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