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DataMan 5.6.3 SR2 Software Release


DataMan 5.6.3 software adds new capabilities for all current DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers  (DM50, DM60, DM150, DM260, DM300, DM360 and DM503 series).


5.6.3 SR2 fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where under certain boundary conditions, network discovery would not locate some devices.
  • Fixed DataMan 100V Code Quality results display.
  • Fixed an issue with HID devices not appearing correctly in the Maintenance menu.


5.6.3 SR1 (amongst others) fixes an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer 10 on some PCs, and a bug when loading configuration files across different platforms. It can also coexist with other 5.6 based installations (e.g. 5.6.0 SR1 for DataMan 8600 handhelds running 5.4.3 CR3 firmware).


New features in 5.6.3 include:

Setup Tool

  • Mass backup and restore
  • Mass firmware update
  • Compare configurations
  • Symbology assistant
  • Result history freeze and filtering
  • Output archived Cognex support information
  • Virtual devices


  • Improved master/slave stability to eliminate lockups and ungrouping
  • Better handling of trigger overruns
  • Greater stability in image buffering
  • Ability to conditionally suppress unwanted image transfer in FTP scripting
  • DataMan 150 and DataMan 260 ImageMax support for PoE and USB-powered devices
  • Increased DataMan 150 and DataMan 260 16 mm liquid lens range
  • Support wider range of SD-Cards (DataMan 360 series readers with DataMan v5.6.3_SR1 firmware only)


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