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DataMan 5.6.3 Firmware Release (DM503)


The DataMan 5.6.3 firmware release consolidates many features targeted at both factory automation and logistics customers.

Several improvements have been made to specifically address common issues in logistics such as:
- Improved Master/Slave stability to eliminate lockups and ungrouping
- Better handling of trigger overruns
- More stable image buffering
- Ability to conditionally suppress unwanted image transfer in FTP scripting by using: return “DO_NOT_FTP”;

Several improvements have been made to specifically add enhancements for factory automation applications:
- DM150/260 ImageMax (high power lights) support for PoE and USB-powered devices.
- Increased DM150/260 16mm liquid lens range (short range is now 45mm down from 80mm)

This release is available on DataMan 30x, DM36x, DM5x/6x, DM15x/26x, and DM503 series readers.


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