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DataMan 5.6.3 Firmware Release (DM300/360)


The DataMan 5.6.3 firmware release consolidates many features targeted at both factory automation and logistics customers.

Several improvements have been made to specifically address common issues in logistics such as:
- Improved Master/Slave stability to eliminate lockups and ungrouping
- Better handling of trigger overruns
- More stable image buffering
- Ability to conditionally suppress unwanted image transfer in FTP scripting by using: return “DO_NOT_FTP”;

Several improvements have been made to specifically add enhancements for factory automation applications:
- DM150/260 ImageMax (high power lights) support for PoE and USB-powered devices.
- Increased DM150/260 16mm liquid lens range (short range is now 45mm down from 80mm)

This release is available on DataMan 30x, DM36x, DM5x/6x, DM15x/26x, and DM503 series readers.


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