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CVL Version 7.0CR19 (32-bit)


This zipped file for CVL 7.0CR19 (32-bit) contains the on-line documentation, release notes, and installer. This download is for installation on Microsoft® Windows 7 and Windows XP 32-bit operating systems.

New features include:

GigE Vision®

CVL 7.0CR19 now includes support for the GenICam 2.2 standard. As a result initialization time is significantly reduced for many GigE Vision cameras. ROI compatibility issues with some line scan cameras have been resolved.


OCRMax is a new, fast, easy to use and robust tool for reading and verification of strings. OCRMax is font-trainable and can read strings with touching characters, variable width fonts, background noise, skewed characters and dot matrix fonts.

MVS-8510 Analog Frame Grabbers

CVL 7.0CR19 supports the new MVS-8510 series of analog frame grabbers.

This release can be used to generate CVL applications that can be deployed on a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. If deploying to a 64-bit operating system, then download the 64-bit version of CVL 7.0CR19 and install it on the deployed PC.

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