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VisionPro Patch File for GigE Acquisition


This software patch adds support for YUV422 color acquisition on GigE Vision cameras. This patch is compatible with VisionPro 7.0 and VisionPro 6.2.

This patch also contains several code improvements:

- Resolves issue in which “increment” parameter for width was not correctly processed under certain conditions

- Increases camera discovery timeout

- Removes case sensitivity when parsing XML URL

- Corrects a problem in a previous patch which caused an error message on exit from VisionPro 6.2

This download contains 3 zipped files, including an executable for use on 32-bit Windows, an executable for use on 64-bit Windows, and a readme file. Please view the readme file for installation instructions.

Note that this patch should only be applied to a system which is experiencing a problem, not to a system which is working satisfactorily.

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